Balloon Pal 2011

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Bride & Groom Bears

Teddy Bears

By far our most popular items!

Our Bride and Groom Bears can be tailored
to fit your needs!

Your choice of colors includes the following:

  • White or Ivory Bride's Gown
  • Black or White Tux and Top Hat
  • Groom's Vest or Shirt
  • White, Ivory or Blush Skin Tone
  • Bow Tie Color
  • Brides Flowers
  • Noses

These can be shipped FedEx Ground to anywhere
in the continental United States.
Hats are shipped separately and must be attached
wth scotch tape upon arrival.

each plus shipping
($69.90 per set)

Each one is an Adorable 30" tall, Hand-Made, just for you and yours...
And They last for weeks!

Available with or without enclosure cards at No additional Charge!

The Bride is also often ordered and used alone as a
"First Holy Communion Girl"
While the Groom can be used without
his hat as a "1st Holy Communion Boy"!

To the right we have the typical Bride and Groom:
Black Tux and Top Hat with Pink Bow Tie and a White shirt.

Below we have the Groom all decked out in a White Tux
and Top Hat with both the Bride and Groom in
our "Blush" skin tone.

In the right lower corner we have the
"Ivory...or Off-white" Bride and Groom.
If you click once on the Groom picture, you will enlarge it
for easier viewing.

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