Balloon Pal 2011

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Care and Use

Balloon Pals are

Keeping Your Balloon Pal Looking Good
To keep your Balloon Pal looking itís best, keep it in the original plastic bag that came with it.

Keep your Balloon Pal out of direct sunlight.
Heat and humidity will eventually cause your Balloon Pal balloons to lose their shiny appearance and to fog up, sometimes within hours. This is a normal latex reaction to light and humidity. Keeping your Balloon Pal in itís original plastic bag will keep it looking fresher days longer.

Balloon Pals are

Balloon Pals are designed for decorative purposes only!
They contain wire, rubber bands and latex balloons, all of which pose a
choking hazard to children under the age of 8.

Please exercise caution and have adult supervision with
any Child.

Do Not use razors, knives or scissors on box.
1) Carefully cut top tape on box watching only to cut tape.
2) Open lids carefully & reaching deep into the box, lift Balloon Pal out of box by the body.
3) Lay balloon Pal Gently on it's side.
4) Remove tape and cut wire tie from the bottom.
5) Stand Balloon Pal upright and gently remove first the bubble wrap and then the bag.
6) Balloon Pal should now be ready for display.
7) Save the plastic bag to protect your Balloon Pal from humidity.

How Long Do Balloon Pals Last?
Click here to find out!

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